How to Choose a Perfect Purse

I'msure everyone will agree that diamonds are a girl's best friend. It is also an indisputable fact that a good, classic and functional purse comes a close second. So,saying that every woman, in general,is passionately and crazily fond of her bags, purses,and walletsis not an exaggeration. Keeping up with the latest trends in fashion and styles, choosing accessories with matching or defining colours that accentuatetheir looks, arethe normsof the dayto young girls and women world over.


One of the most importantaccessory that visibly partners a woman even in photographs and makes a statement silently is her purse. This includespurses, wallets,and bags that are carriedaround. A woman's purse is her constant companion and is always close to her at all times. Whether it is a small purse, a clutchor a big bag,she always takes utmost care of it. A bag is an extremely functional part of her daily life and she just cannot imagine moving about without it. For her, it is something which is dependable and is always there for her even when she is in a fix. Choosing the right kind of purse can be very interesting as well as challenging.


Keeping in mind the innumerable choices available for this important accessory,selecting a perfect one needs a lot of thought and deliberation. Here are a few tips which may help in choosing an appropriate one.What is your personal preference?Think about the reason you need to buy this purse. Think about what you would prefer to have. Its utility aspect, a color that you've been wanting for long, a party purse, a purse for daily use or a purse to accompany you when you go out to chill with your gang are some points you must consider before selecting.


Do you want something unique or something that is a regular? These days purses with Alice in Wonderlandare all-timefavorites and are much in demand. It is an accessory every woman must have in her closet. What material to choose?Leather purses have always been all time favorite, but there are many other materials which are trending these days. Leather bags are preferred because they not only have a classy look, but they are durable, long lasting and never ever go out of fashion.


Leather needs animal skins and high-quality always comes with a heavy price tag. To counter these vitalissues, the best alternative optionwould be PU leather bags. Bags and purses made from this material are also of a high quality, are easy to take care of and maintain and also are definitely a cheaper option.


Branded or fake?

A good purse is an investment which can last you a long time. It is also advisable to spend a little more and go in for anoriginal rather than choose a fake and regret it within a short period of time. Since it is an investment you are making for yourself,it is advisable to wait and save a little more to buy a quality product which is going to help make a style statement for you. Be proud of what youcarry around and flaunt it in style.At the end of itall,follow your heart and buy something that catches your eye, is attractive, functional, matches your personality, is genuine and above all is stylish, chic and trendy. Enjoycarrying and flaunting your latest acquisition andbe the envy of all around you.

Important Factor

Another important factor that you need to consider while selecting a purse is your relative body structure.

Oversize Bag

If you are broad shouldered, tall or on the heavier side then try picking a slightlylarge or oversize bag

Compact And Delicate

If you are small -built and petite choose a purse that is compact and delicate.

Long Time

It should match your personality. A good purse is an investment which can last you a long time.


If you are a kind of person who doesn't like to carry too much in your purse then you can choose a smaller and more compact purse.

If you are someone for whom your purse is something which contains your entire world then probably you need to choose something bigger and more spacious with many compartments to store a variety of stuff.


Also,choose an option which can be used as an accessory for most of your outfits and you needn't keep changing it frequently.


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